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About ACHA

Accredited Health Coaching Australia was created in response to the growing need for evidence-based courses that meet the national standards for health coaching, delivered by appropriately qualified health professionals. 

As health practitioners who have worked in clinical settings, we know first-hand the difference that health coaching can make to client results and practitioner satisfaction.

Our courses incorporate evidence-based health behaviour change interventions and techniques that promote self-efficacy, self-determination and self-responsibility. 

You’ll become well versed in the science of health and behaviour change and coaching psychology to assist in supporting clients to achieve sustainable health behaviours and outcomes. Our goal is to empower you with the skills, experience and confidence to transform your client health behaviours, and support them to sustain life-long change.

Fully online and flexible, we support you with practical webinars, 1:1 coaching, trainer feedback and mentoring to ensure you master the core coaching skills for success.

About the Offer

ACHA offers all Flux members 10% off ANY ACHA Course. 

To claim visit their site www.accreditedhealthcoaching.com.au/ and use the promo code FLUXVIP10 to claim your discount.

We have selected ACHA as a Flux supporter for their wonderful courses, including “Creating Change in 15min” – an excellent course that is perfect for any pharmacist that is invested in their patients’ health – which, by their nature, is all compounding pharmacists.  

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