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QA Training

The compounding industry is growing, yet many pharmacies are not yet at a capacity to warrant a full-time Quality Assurance staff member – but of course, always want to dispense great product.

For a compounding pharmacist, finding time for implementing QA procedures must be done whilst calculating formulas, signing and dispensing finished compounded products, counselling patients, managing staff, managing raw materials, purchasing stock, researching products, performing risk assessments…… the list goes on.

We at Flux Pharma recognise your unique needs as a compounding pharmacist.  We know because we have been in the industry for almost 2 decades.

Marketing Support

Flux Pharma members enjoy being part of a wider marketing push to prescribers across the country espousing the virtues of sending prescriptions to our members. 

With almost 2 decades in the industry, the people behind Flux Pharma have names that carry weight in the industry – we have been working with and servicing prescribers and practitioners all across the country since 2002.  We have been active in:

  • Integrative medicine
  • BHRT
  • Cosmetic medicine
  • Urology
  • Pain management
  • Dermatology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Addiction medicine
  • Customised Nutrition

Our thousands of practitioners in these industries are being educated as to why a Flux Pharma member can be depended upon for quality compounding.

Join us today to be a part of that message.

Member Services

Flux Pharma Services is more than just QA Education – we are actively seeking excellent deals for our members using the buying power of collectivism.  We work with our members to understand their needs that may not be currently met, and work with suppliers to find solutions. 

Pharmacists that are having trouble meeting minimum ordering requirements may find our collective buying particularly useful – allowing them to access the prices afforded to larger purchases without having to meet the often too-large minimums.

Additionally, we will actively engage with the members to find out what the unmet needs of pharmacists are, and shift focus to those to ensure that those needs are met.

It is ambitious – but so is the team at Flux Pharma Services.

Join us today to see the power of this collectivism.