Only for new members in May!

We have new offerings for future members as we expand our operations. To trial them out, we want to offer them for FREE to anyone joining this month. 


Join for just $49 a month and recieve the Flux monthly QA Training, compounding CPD, and take advantage of the services below. For Free.

Free Video Production

Submit your copy and we will produce a free 20sec video for you to use on your social media and other promotions.


Talk about about your pharmacy, talk about your business, talk about a new service your pharmacy provides - its your 20 seconds to use as you wish!


We prepare and voice the video using stock images as wll as anything you supply to be included.  

Exposure to 1,600 prescribers Australia-wide

Our database contains over 1,600 (qualified compounding prescribers) doctors across Australia.  We provide exposure for Flux members via the "Member in Focus" mailer, sent monthly.  First come, first served.

Discounts for Analytical

Analytical and stability testing discounts availble by grouping members and running the tests side-by-side.  We put like-minded members together to help them get the best bang for their buck.

PLUS all the usual Flux Services

✔ Monthly modules for Quality Assurance

✔ Compounding CPD Points every month

✔ Special member offers from a range of companies and suppliers


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