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Join this month, and recieve a discount of more that $250 for "The 15 Major Hormone Therapies" course with Dr Thierry Hertoghe.


We at Flux have secured a significant discount for members for this course that is of tremendous interest to any compounder producing hormones, or any pharmacist that is interested in the field. 


Membership to Flux is just $49 per month. 


The membership base is growing, which allows us to secure great deals like this one. When pharmacists all around you are becoming Flux members, can you afford not to join?

About the offer

"The 15 Major Hormone Therapies" gives insight for diagnosis and treatment of the most common hormone treatments, before going deeper into each hormone treatment individually. 


Add value to your compounding practice by learning how prescribers treat these patients. 


Duration: 6hrs 8min!

Normal Cost: €339

Flux Member Cost: €169.50

About Dr Hertoghe

Dr Hertoghe is considered to be one of the fathers of the modern integrative medicine movement. As an endocrinologist, Dr Hertoghe is an authority on the method of using hormones, lifestyle changes and nutrient therapies in what he now calls "Reversing Ageing."


A sought-after speaker, Dr Hertoghe has gained followings all over the world for his practical approach to teaching integrative therapies.

How to best use this offer

This offer is exclusive to Flux members.  Upon joining Flux, you will recieve a link to the course and a promo code for 50% off the cost.  


Now, if it were me, I'd be taking this link and this promo code, and i would send it to every doctor I had on my database to show them the value of working with my pharmacy.


But maybe that's just me. 

Remember, this includes our standard Quality Assurance modules!

Don't forget - a membership to Flux means you recieve our training in Quality Assurance for compounding pharmacies with our quality expert, Brianna Porter. 


Each month, we drill down on a new area of Quality Assurance that is prepared using guidelines and regulations from the relevent pharmacy authorities, along with world-wide good practice. 


Each module is designed with real-world experience in mind, and gives you tools to make your Quality Assurance tasks easier and more effective. 


For just $49 a month, is it time to make quality your competitive advantage?

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