After a summer break of serious consideration, we at Flux have decided to change our membership model.

From now, membership at Flux Pharma is for individual pharmacists – meaning pharmacists will have their own membership with their own member benefits.

This change allows us to better serve our members, provide targeted CPD opportunities and tailor our member offerings to suit both businesses and single members alike.

And the best part? It is only $49 per month for quality education in Quality Management!  Improve your practice for 1/3 the price of a cup of coffee per day!

This change represents a shift in the industry toward pharmacists being handed the responsibility for their own continuing education.  With not a lot of CPD opportunities around for compounders, we feel it is best for the industry to remove as many barriers as possible for pharmacists to improve their practice and quality management. Rather than wait for a pharmacy owner to decide to join, we have made the decision to allow individuals to join and further their knowledge, giving peace-of-mind to practitioners and patients alike.

As we say at Flux, quality is a competitive advantage – gain yours by joining here.