In my 20 years of experience in marketing for compounding pharmacy, something became evident: prescribers appreciate a pharmacy that understands their therapies, not just dispenses their prescriptions.

I have been lucky enough to attend a huge amount of clinical workshops, sitting shoulder to shoulder with our target doctors, and learning along with them to make sure I knew the answers when it counted.

That’s why we are working with Dr Hertoghe Medical School.  Dr Thierry Hertoghe is a sought-after speaker all over the world, for his highly practical approach to what he calls “Reversing Ageing.”

This is your chance to learn the therapies the doctors practice.  This will help you ultimately:

  1. Win business by demonstrating a clinical understanding of hormone therapies.
  2. Provide greater opportunities for patient counselling – something we all know pharmacy regulators love.
  3. Detail local doctors with a greater understanding of the patients they will treat, and the therapies with which they will treat.

Now is the time to join to enjoy the benefit of more than $250 off the cost of this 6 hour course!  Don’t worry – you don’t have to finish it all in July, but you do have to start it!

Our special offer is only available to pharmacists who are Flux members THIS MONTH.  Join now, get the promo code and begin enhancing your offerings with clinical knowledge.


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