Don’t wait to join.  Pharmacists across Australia have already started the process for:

  1. Submitting their copy for a free 20 second video for their use on social media, emailing to patients, sending to prescribers – whatever they want!
  2. Joining the list of “Member in focus” members, who will have their details sent to over 1,600 doctors across Australia. First come, first served.
  3. Discounts on analytical and stability testing (this gets better as the membership grows, so don’t forget to forward this on!).

Joining Flux means you join a community of compounding pharmacists that are enhancing Quality Management in their pharmacies.

All of this is in addition to the Flux Education program for implementing QA in your compounding pharmacy.

The countdown is on!  Will you join in the next 15 days to receive the additional benefits listed above?